In SeisAnalysis AS, we are working towards a better understanding of all the possibilities of earthquake risk reduction. SeisAnalysis AS emphasizes on earthquake seismology and its related phenomena. We explore state-of-the-art and innovative solutions to practical problems in earthquake seismology.

We cover a wide range of tasks in seismology, including, but not limited to the following:

  • seismic hazard analysis,
  • seismic monitoring in mines,
  • monitoring of induced seismicity around large hydraulic structures,
  • analysis of seismic activities around oil and gas fields,
  • seismotectonic studies especially along subduction zones,
  • rockslide and landslide monitoring,
  • paleoseismological studies with emphasis on subduction zones,
  • seismic data analysis,
  • forensic seismology,
  • developing methods on spotting future possible great earthquakes, especially along subduction zones, and
  • consulting and analytical services to a diverse clientele that includes decision-makers and regulators on earthquake-related problems.
Earthquakes With More Than 1000 Fatalities
Earthquakes With More Than 100,000 Fatalities

1 - Earthquake
2 - Questionable Earthquake
3 - Earthquake and Landslide
4 - Volcano and Earthquake
5 - Volcano, Earthquake and Landslide
6 - Volcano
7 - Volcano and Landslide
8 - Landslide
9 - Meteorological
10 - Explosion
11 - Astronomical Tide

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Earthquake Source Analysis is the foremost asset in SeisAnalysis AS

Forensic Seismology
Seismic and Geodetic Network
Passive Hydrocarbon Search
Microseism Mechanism
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