Earthquake Source Analysis

Analysis of earthquakes in a rock body may lead us to estimate the location of the largest future rupture in the body. The mode of rupture dislocations in space and time is a key element in this regard. Gravity data among other needed geophysical data plays an essential role here. The above information may also guide us to infer an estimate on the stage of an earthquake in its cycle. An emerging great earthquake leaves large-scale evidence, especially during its mature stage.

Earthquake source analysis is a basic and necessary step in the chain of analyses that may lead to the spotting of a future earthquake. Earthquake source analysis is the most used tool in SeisAnalysis AS.

This animation shows the extents of a very mature asperity (i.e. the red patch) along the Mexican subduction zone. This is based on the analysis performed by SeisAnalysis AS. The red numbers in the animation correspond to those given in the following table.