SeisAnalysis AS offers services on planning and proper design of seismic monitoring network at industrial, local or regional levels. To characterize the potential seismic risk, critical infrastructures such as mega-bridges, dams, and nuclear power plants demand continuous monitoring of imperceptible ground motions from local microseisms. Induced seismicity associated with mining, tunnelling and CO2/water or waste injection and hydraulic fracturing needs monitoring to control and mitigate potential risk regarding underground integrity and/or potential surface damage. Primary prevention of such risks requires knowledge of physical variables such as spatial and temporal variations of stress. In SeisAnalysis AS, we offer planning and designing of seismic monitoring networks in areas prone to landslide. Detection, mapping and monitoring landslide processes are of critical importance. In Norway and Greenland, large landslides are capable of triggering local tsunamis. Equipped with the source analysis capabilities, we go beyond monitoring alone. Remember if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

Fault Characterization

Imperceptible fault motions may remain unnoticed by professionals for a long time. It is necessary to characterize the fault network in a region…

Microseism Mechanism

High-frequency geophones are usually used in industrial projects. The low cost and ease of deployment also allow these instruments…

Fault System Monitor

Earthquake monitoring is the basic operation in seismology. For almost every part of the Earth’s surface, some sort of seismicity information….