Fault System Monitor

Earthquake monitoring is the basic operation in seismology. For almost every part of the Earth’s surface, some sort of seismicity information with different levels of resolution exists. The conventional seismicity map is a stack of earthquake locations that in the case of active regions becomes very complicated.

However, every complicated system is a combination of simple systems. We decompose the stack of earthquake locations by presenting the seismicity in space-time sections. Thus some of the hidden regularities in the seismicity will be revealed. Such inferences are usually made during post-earthquake studies. However, It is important that an earthquake, regardless of its size, is coordinated in the space-time domain immediately. This facilitates the interpretation and decision-making process.

We apply this procedure for some important fault systems and the up-to-date, in a matter of minutes, outputs are presented. The following links redirect to specific fault systems for the latest situation of the fault.