Spotting Great Earthquakes

We in SeisAnalysis AS spot some of the emerging great earthquakes along subduction zones. Various geophysical data are used in this regard. We have spotted six potential segments capable of generating earthquakes in the magnitude range of 8 to 9+. Two of the segments ruptured in the 1 April 2014 (Mw 8.1) Iquique, and 16 September 2015 (Mw 8.3) Illapel earthquakes. To show the expected accuracy of the tasks done by SeisAnalysis AS we present the anticipation for the 2015 earthquake.

The left panel shows pages of the PhD thesis of a member of the company published in November 2009. The right panel shows aftershocks of the 16 September 2015 earthquake. The contours show the slip distribution of the event, which is found by the staff of SeisAnalysis AS. The marked southern half was partially ruptured in 2015 and is expected to rupture in another great earthquake.